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Infrastructure as a code is one of the foundations of the DevOps Automation toolchain. Being the first to enter in 2005, Puppet is at the forefront of the IaaC revolutions and was the first tool amongst the four main configuration management tools including Chef, Ansible and Saltstack . Puppet is also the fastest configuration management system and provides a simple DSL (Domain Specific Language) to define the state of resources and does the heavy lifting of managing underlying platform-specific operations by itself, providing users with a higher level of abstraction than scripts do. The use of Puppet is no more limited to servers, but has also expanded to managing all type of devices including routers, embedded systems, storage and so on. With more and more organisations adopting to DevOps practices, knowledge on IaaC and tools such as Puppet is essential for today’s generation of DevOps professionals. This skill would also help you to advance your career, especially for operations, systems, networks and DevOps engineers. It then helps you dive into the world of Puppet by understanding the basics of the languages such as resources/providers, manifests, and modules, and then delves deeper into creating dynamic code with parameters, templates, defined types and so on. Once equipped with the basics, it unlocks Puppet’s full potential with advanced topics such as environments, Hiera, r10k, Puppet Enterprise, rolls and design patterns and so on. This course takes you from from zero to Puppet Master in two weeks.

What You Will Learn:
Infrastructure as a code and related concepts such as idempotence, and convergence.
Puppet’s DSL and best practices to write Manifests, Modules, Node Classification and so on.
Create dynamic, data-driven modules with parameters and templates.
Setup Puppet Master and nodes and apply configurations with a centralised configuration management system.
Integrate with the continuous integration tool (CircleCI) and deploy applications with Puppet.Managing multiple environments such as Dev, Stage, QA, and Production.
Externalising properties with Hiera.
Roles and profile design patterns.
Overview of Puppet Enterprise

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